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looked to the most successful organisations in the Country to consider how they use technology, processes, people and built upon these practices to deliver growing businesses a range of affordable IT Services, cloud and security capabilities usually only found in larger corporate.
Our new clients are normally seeking to extend their existing IT capabilities, looking for a partner to manage everything or simply looking for peace of mind in knowing there are skilled engineers available to help them when required; our services are quick to deploy

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and immediately help clients to transform IT, reducing

Managed IT Security
IT Security concerns are not just for large businesses. While IT security hacks on large corporations make the headlines
Disaster Recovery
We provide risk mitigation, consulting, tools and best practices to reduce our company’s IT loss exposure
Analytic Consulting
The Oriana Analytics Consulting Group is a trusted partner for advisory and consulting services..
Web and mobile solutions
We also offer a comprehensive set of software solutions for an integrated web-mobile system that brings the most out of your user experience.


A career with Oriana will see you joining a fast moving technology business that works with some of the most exciting names in India. We are a passionate, hard-working, likeable team and we take enormous pride in the work we do for our clients.
We are growing by doing what we love, There is

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a common thread among all of us at Oriana and it’s our drive to deliver the best experience for our clients and Employees. We’re a strong IT company that has

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got to where we are with hard work and a strong work ethic. As a result, we enjoy a fabulous, friendly culture and some great perks that make it all worthwhile.

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