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Oriana provides best blend of security products and practices.

IT Security concerns are not just for large businesses.  While IT security hacks on large corporations make the headlines, thousands of small businesses are attacked daily. As cyber crime increases in frequency and severity, its vital to take necessary precautions to protect data and IT systems.

      Oriana provides a suite of services and products to help secure our client’s business assets.

Here are just a few services that Oriana can provide for your business:

  • IT Security Assessments
  • Best Practices Assessments
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Password Management / Vault
  • Dual Factor Authentication
  • Security Appliance
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Application Aware Managed Firewalls
  • Patch Management and Network Monitoring
  • Content Filtering / Secure Browsing Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management

We provide risk mitigation, consulting, tools and best practices to reduce our company’s IT lose exposure. You can make a conscious choice to protect your assets by choosing Oriana’s disaster recovery services.

Could your business survive after an IT disaster? Protecting data has never been more important, whether it is operational data or your customer data. With local and cloud- based solutions, our disaster recovery solutions and planning experts can help protect you from a natural disaster and man-made risks.

Oriana Provides…

  • Disaster Recovery
    • State of the art virtualization technology
    • Mailbox level recovery
    • Offsite data storage options
    • Eliminate the need for tape backup
    • Data encryption
  • Cloud Based File Backup
    • Cloud based file backup is inexpensive, automatic and convenient
    • Cloud based file backup to back up works or any file amount
    • Perfect for your most important files

Deliver Projects On Time, On Budget

A solid project management discipline is necessary to deliver projects on time and on budget. Those who view project management as additional cost or overhead misses a very important point: that an unsuccessful project can be much costlier and may cause far greater damage than one can imagine – to the business, its financial position, its ability to respond to market opportunities, its reputation and in extreme cases its viability as a going concern.

Break down project complexity with Oriana

We can help your company create a project plan with clear roles, tasks and deliverables. Sets clear expectations for team members, management and other stakeholders.

Analytic Consulting:

The Oriana Analytics Consulting Group is a trusted partner for advisory and consulting services, specializing in analytics and data science. We help clients achieve strategic objectives by creating data-driven solutions, promoting an analytical culture and streamlining operations.

Data Engineering:
We design, develop, implement, and maintain systems to extract, transform, load and manage data. We process and store large amounts of data efficiently and prepare it for further analysis by analysts and data scientists.

Data Analytics:
We specialize in turning data into actionable insights. Our core skills in statistics and mathematics allow us to quantify problems, find patterns and understand relationships in data. To drive actionable insight, we start with simple questions like “what happened” to more advanced analytical questions like “what is the best decision moving forward”?

Insight Delivery:
We strongly believe in packaging insights in forms that are easy to consume by clients and end-users. Whether it is a presentation to senior management, interactive dashboards, or applications embedded in business operations, we make sure that clients access to our insights right when they need them.

Web Solutions

We also offer a comprehensive set of software solutions for an integrated web-mobile system that brings the most out of your user experience.

  • Document Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Queuing Management
  • E-commerce / Collaboration / Workflow Management

Mobile solutions

Yondu will help you bring your mobile applications to life. With great design and 360 degree front and back-end management services, our customers are closer than ever before.

  • Mobile app and business strategy
  • Enterprise Mobility, IoT and API Strategy
  • Mobile Application Development & Maintenance
  • Mobile Application Device Testing
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