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The Oriana business transformation group is often the first point of engagement with our clients. Business transformation provides four distinct transition services that allow us to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business function before a solution is implemented, resulting in increased speed of transition and implementation, improved profitability for our clients, improved forecasting ability, and the potential to identify additional areas for process improvement across the client’s entire organization. Oriana is a fast-growing global transaction services organization, delivering total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by allowing them to focus on their core business. Every day we work as a trusted, extended arm for customers with their critical and strategic processes. As a result, organizations in a wide range of industries can achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently than ever before. Oriana is a global outsourcing service touches every industry and business process. We transform our client’s operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing.

In many cases, the business transformation group will unearth new opportunities for the client to realize the value and allow clients to sequentially streamline additional business functions. Typically, our business transformation group will maintain close contact with our clients throughout the client relationship, resulting in ongoing identification of new areas for process improvement and allowing us to implement globally delivered solutions to address these needs.

This division has developed first -hand commercial expertise in several key industry sectors around the world through Oriana’s own businesses coupled with an excellent understanding of global capital markets.

We use our expertise and know-how to advise clients on strategies for growth, how to structure and execute mergers and acquisitions and underwriting capital requirements. For corporate clients looking to raise capital, we provide expert advice on the issuance of all forms of equity, bonds , and other debt.

we have built strong relationships with corporations, institutional investors and individuals and we are therefore able to serve their brokerage requirements and at the same time provide them with accurate and up to date research.

With respect to institutional and individual investors, our performance in managing their assets is crucial to our success. The Asset Management business employs an “open architecture” system to deliver the full range of wealth management solutions for our clients. This enables us to run a customized investment platform that has the capability to offer asset allocation, risk analysis, and selection of the best performing funds available, all backed up with personalized and quality service.

Overall Distinguishment

• Quality of advice

• A clear understanding of clients needs

• Access to many capital sources

• Timely and efficient execution

Although the Investment Banking Division acts from time to time for certain group companies on an arms-length basis, its activities are focused on independent transactions with a broad range of regional and international clients.

Our Values in Business Process Outsourcing Sectors are


We apply knowledge, experience and innovation to develop and deliver the right solutions to all of our customers – large and small, retail and commercial. These fundamental skills have been critical to our success in the highly competitive financial industry.

Customer Focus

Working hand-in-hand with our financial capabilities is our commitment to know our customers and understand their needs, concerns and aspirations. It’s this combination of financial skills and customer focus that allows us to make it easier for people to manage everyday banking.


Understanding that great banking and customer service require speed and flexibility, we trust the capabilities, character and judgment of our colleagues, and empower them to make decisions and deliver quality and value for our customers

We’ve been conducting business with the highest ethical standards for more than years because we know that our customers must be able to trust us to “do the right thing” in all situations and circumstances.


We understand the critical value of our differences, and of our individual and collective strengths and skills. We celebrate this diversity and proudly apply these strengths to our business practices and customer service.


In our business, you can’t be successful without a commitment to teamwork throughout every level of the organization. We work together to meet our goals and, in the process, to help our customers meet their goals.

Quality of Life

We recognize the importance of a healthy balance between business and personal life. We support a commitment to family and personal life, and support our employees as they contribute to the health and well-being of the communities in which they live.

HR compliance

HR compliance is an essential aspect of any business in today’s competitive and legal environment. The problem is that as an organization grows over time and the number of employees changes, different HR laws and regulations come into effect, which can make maintaining compliance an ongoing challenge. Furthermore, HR standards can change overnight as additional bills are passed and signed into law. Even the most efficient HR department may become overwhelmed with their other projects and compliance issues can develop. In order to avoid these HR issues and limit your risk for lawsuits and other litigation, outsourcing your HR functions to the experienced team of HR professionals at Capella can be a practical option.

Beyond helping our clients streamline efficiencies and increase profits, we are concerned with helping our clients steer through the increasingly complicated and ever-changing rules and regulations that govern human resources.


Our Training Services is based on high-impact development, performance and solution-based training for our clients. We are geared to improve our client’s organization to reach their objectives through learning and change.

 We focus our Training and Development Services in few key areas  

• Needs analysis which covers both business impact needs and organization
• Development needs
• Assessment analysis of pre and post the training intervention
• Solution development, customization , and implementation
• Coaching for performance and knowledge retention
• Organization development for high-performance culture building

 Our Current Training Suite includes  

• People Management Skills
• Performance management
• Appraisal Skills
• Team building and management
• Leadership
• Presentation Skills
• HR Skills


Oriana’s HR review and audit services are designed to discover and evaluate areas for improvement and opportunity so that you can increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of your people. Our HR audit facilitates an alignment of HR activities with organizational objectives and precisely measures the efficiency and effectiveness of those activities. It also provides established action plans, accountability and timelines for recommended operational improvements. Furthermore, our service can be completely integrated with your organization’s internal audit program to enhance compliance with legislation, codes of practice, organizational policies and procedures.

 Benefits of HR Audit  

• Provides feedback on the value of HR function to the organization’s strategic business objective
• Evaluates the quality of HR practices, policies and delivery
• Generates reports on extent of statutory HR compliance and remedial action required
• Assess HR and line management relationships and ways these can be improved
• Helps to set guidelines for establishing HR performance standards
• Identify areas for change and improvement with specific recommendations


Payroll is one of the most important traits of any business, but quite often this one aspect can dominate much of an employee’s time. Additionally, as an organization grows to include more number of employees, payroll and other administrative services turn to be more and more complicated. Our highly experienced HR professionals have the management and payroll expertise much required to help you handle all of your payroll needs with unmatched efficiency and capabilities.

 Our Payroll Services include  

• Preparation and delivery of reports and payroll Checks
• Vacation and Sick Accrual Administration
• Benefit Administration
• Pre-Tax Deductions
• Provide Direct Deposit
• Earned Income Credit management
• Employment Verifications
• Certified Payrolls
• General Ledger Interface
• Secure, Online Access


Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) is a form of service that allows organizations to outsource all or part of their HR activities to a highly experienced team, so that are able to dedicate more time to core-competencies and other high- value business activities.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, corporate agility has become the key business requirement. Hence, a large number of companies seek to outsource their non-core business processes such as human resources. Oriana will be a perfect partner if you are looking for someone to improve hiring, administer benefits, manage payroll, or compliance Our HRO services are intended to help our clients minimize risk, streamline efficiencies, increase profits, and ensure HR compliance. We understand that the decision to outsource any aspect of your organization can be met with some skepticism, but the goal of our services is to complement your human resources infrastructure.

 Our HRO Services include  

• Payroll Management
• Recruitment Management
• Benefits administration
• HR Management Information System
• HR Compliance
• HR audit
• Training administration and management


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a process where an employer transfers or outsources entire or just part of its recruitment functions and processes to an external service provider. A properly managed Recruitment Process Outsourcing will enhance an organization’s time to hire, increase the quality of the talent pool, reduce cost and advance governmental compliance. Talent acquisition is a major challenge in India. There is a huge competition to identify the best talent and organizations are increasingly realizing that recruitment branding has become a core competency to succeed.

Finding the right recruitment partner who understands the business objectives and develops the recruitment process has proven to be a challenge for many organizations seeking to outsource their recruitment activities. At Oriana, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is not just outsourcing the recruitment process. It is also identifying, scrutinizing and delivering the talent that creates the greatest impact on your business.

Oriana is aimed at giving technology companies a value-based end-to-end recruitment solution to build a world-class team. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services can help you to nurture new talent and grow your candidate network.

Key Benefits includes  

• Increase in hiring speed

• Significant reduction in cost and time to hire

• Quality of sourcing

• Access to the talent pool

• Enhancement of employer brand and reputation

• More responsive workforce planning

• Minimized administrative effort

• A Scalable and reliable solution that globally fits client’s needs.

Employee Recruitment Services

With a proven record of successful recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and personalized employee recruitment solutions, we drive continuous best practices into the businesses we support. For our business to be successful, two other constituents need to be successful – our candidates and our clients. We are here to connect both groups and create value and reward.

Job Analysis

We perform an on-site job analysis for every new position posted by our clients. We learn about the organization’s unique culture and we make sure that we understand the roles and responsibilities of the position and the attributes that predict success. The job analysis allows us to develop a profile for the ideal candidate.

Job Description Creation and Job Posting

Our team of experts knows how to draft job postings that bring in the right applicants. Our sourcing team is highly skilled to use the latest technology and Boolean search techniques to target specific people.


Initial screening for entry-level opportunities is time- consuming. Our team will act as your spokesperson and screen candidates based on criteria specified by the clients.


We will then schedule the candidates for interview who fit and perform best in your organization and contribute towards productivity and business growth.


We represent our clients and do quality interviewing as well as reference and background-checking services to reduce operating costs and time. We also do salary negotiation as per clients’ request.


Our Oriana team will have ongoing communication with the clients and candidates regarding the interview and selection process.


Once the hiring process is completed, we follow-up with our candidates and clients to make sure that the selected candidate is a perfect fit.

Professional Services

As an experienced recruitment service provider, we can help you at whatever the stage you’re in your career journey.

“Oriana is different” – Pathfinder for success.

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